Criticisms No Longer Shake Me – Skitmaker, Taaooma

Maryam Apaokagi, the famous Nigerian skit creator and actress known as Taaooma, has revealed that she expected popularity to send criticism from trolls her way.

She said that as a popular figure, she has developed a thick skin to criticism.

According to The Nation, a viral photo of her being lifted by two coworkers sparked widespread outrage from members of the public.

In an interview with Punch, she said she wasn’t surprised by the criticism.

She said: “I have been ready for things like that ever since I realised that I am popular. It is very normal for people to talk. Many people just take out their anger and frustrations on celebrities, and that is quite understandable. We are in the public eye, and things like that should not surprise us.

“That was an innocent photo I took with my colleagues, but a critic decided to create intentions for us. Things like that don’t surprise me anymore. They have said worse things in the past”.

Taaoomaa also argued collaboration was key to succeeding as a creative.

She said: “As a content creator, collaboration is essential. My recent collaboration has been in the works for quite some time, and I am glad they eventually saw the light of day.

“I believe that collaboration takes one far as a creator, and that is the goal; to keep moving forward. It helps to expand one’s audience beyond Africa to the rest of the globe.”

Asked about the effect that working with American acts such as Terry Crews and King Bachelor has had on her career, she said: “I have achieved some of the goals I set for myself, as I am a very determined person when it comes to ticking things off my bucket list.

“This is one thing I have always looked forward to, and ticking it off my list is a great catalyst for myself and my career. As for other things that might come from it, I guess we will wait and see. There will be more collaboration, but I cannot say which for now. I will just keep working towards many more.”

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