Korra Obidi Speaks On Staging Attack In UK After Ex-Husband’s Accussation

Nigerian-American dancer, Korra Obidi, has responded to her ex-husband, Justin Dean, over claims of staging a recent attack in the UK.

Korra said she has been experiencing a lot of hate in the past, but the physical assault is a wake-up call for her.

Following reports of the attack, Korra’s ex-husband, in a post via his Instagram page, wrote: “A common tactic amongst celebrities to stay relevant is to stage robberies, assaults or anything else to drum up the views. This has gone too far.”

Reacting in a social media post on Friday, Korra explained she isn’t among celebrities that would engage in such clout-chasing, stressing that she escaped with the best possible scenario.

She said, “I understand that there are a lot of artists who had in the past tried to create scenarios like this for clout chasing, but I promise you I’m not one of them.

“I don’t need that kind of clout. It’s not that deep for me, I just want to sing and dance. What happened yesterday, I escaped with the best possible scenario. I had a whole bottle of acid on my face. I escaped by holding onto the knife and still have few bruises. I’ve scars from the knife. I’m glad this was live, and there is ample evidence.”

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