6 Reasons Many Women Will Not Will Not Make Heaven

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Some ladies will never make Heaven if they   have any of the listed character below help to share to other women.

the reason some ladies will never make  heaven is as follow:

1. Pride: Many women will end up in
hell because of their pride towards their husband. Because your husband never
have much you now begin to talk to him any how, you even keep malice with your
husband because he has not gotten job yet, if you continue in this you are
going to hell fire.

How To Position Yourself To Get That Job You Have Been Dreaming For

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Have you ever seen a successful business that thrives without a business plan? Not exactly; I would say. There must be a plan for the positioning, the going and the landing- of your dream job.

When you’re on a job hunt, firstly, you should see yourself as the solution to the employer’s recruitment needs. What exactly are the needs outlined in the job descriptions? Do you really have a full grasp of what is required for that role; in that company; and in that field? These questions need to be answered.