Why We Suspected Police’s Attempt To Divert $200,000 Ransom – The CEO of Eric Many Records, Dilly Umenyiora

Dilly Umenyiora, CEO of Eric Many Records, has described what happened between him and the Delta State Police Command during the kidnapping of fast-rising singer Gwenzy.

Umenyiora, in a statement on Saturday, disclosed that a ransom was paid for the artiste’s release after spending six days in the den of kidnappers.

While commending the police’s efforts in securing Gnewzy’s release, Umenyoira acknowledged some irregularities in the handling of the situation.

He added that despite the payment of the ransom, the police response and support were minimal, leaving much to be desired in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

According to the record label boss, he suspected the police were probably attempting to divert the ransom after a joint mail with that of the kidnappers was sent to him demanding his phone number.

He said, “I don’t want it to look like I am castigating the police. The police told me to forward the email demanding the $200,000, and they gave me an email address, which I did. They also told me to keep engaging the kidnappers with emails and try to negotiate with them. So, in the email I sent to the kidnapper, I tried to negotiate $50,000, but they didn’t agree.

“Then I sent another email to the kidnapper, pleading with them to collect $80,000 and release my artiste. But they replied to me, asking for my phone number, so I observed the response was from a joint email. That is the email the police earlier sent to me to forward my engagement with the kidnappers. I observed that the email asking for my number was different from the one demanding ransom, and I told them my observation, and the kidnappers didn’t respond again.

“So it looked like it was the police that were trying to intercept the money because the kidnapper’s response was coming from the email the police sent to me. The police would have easily asked for my number at the station, but they didn’t, so sending my number may be an
attempt to start acting like the kidnappers. After Thursday’s discussion with the kidnapper from a totally different email, and they explained everything to me, that was when I decided to pay the ransom and not involve the police again. Nobody knew what was going on.”

Asked about possible ways to avoid similar occurrences in the future, Dilly said, “I will always ensure that my artiste goes out with at least two mobile police. Gwenzy even told me I should get police for him, but I objected, asking him if he was Davido. And the issue of kidnapping never crossed my mind. So I have to be very careful, henceforth.”

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