Is Not My Father’s Money. – Davido Reveals The Secret To His Success

Nigerian Afrobeats musician David Adeleke, often known as Davido, has ascribed his success in the music industry to his own worth rather than his father’s fortune.

The ‘Unavailable’ crooner explained that there are people from wealthier backgrounds than him who have attempted to create a niche for themselves in the entertainment industry but weren’t as successful as he is.

According to Davido, he gained acceptance in the entertainment industry because of his talent, not his wealthy background.

He said, “There are many billionaires in Nigeria, even richer than my father… And there are people [billionaire’s children] who have tried to do what I have tried to do: music, entertainment, business. But mine has been successful because of my values.

“The biggest challenge I had when I started music was that my father is wealthy. But I got accepted for one reason and that reason is that I am good, talented. I don’t think I would have ever been accepted if I wasn’t good at what I do.”

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