Adopted Daughter Of Davido Okoli Weeps Endlessly As Troll Asks Why She Didn’t Go With Junior Pope

Okoli Classic, the young woman who won N2 million from renowned Nigerian rapper Davido, has responded to a horrific message wishing her death.

This comes after a fan expressed a strange desire for her death, claiming that she may have died in a horrible boat disaster that killed many people, including Nollywood actor Junior Pope and other crew members.

In a heartfelt TikTok video, @okoliclassic was obviously emotional, shedding tears and thanking God.

Okoli Classic, who was one of the survivors of the aforementioned boat accident, was seen praising God despite the hardships she faced.

The troll’s comment, however, took a darker turn as they suggested that Classic could have been among the deceased in the tragic incident.

In response to this callous remark, Okoli Classic reaffirmed her trust in God and denouncing any ill wishes directed towards her.

Addressing the comment head-on, Okoli emphasized her unwavering faith.

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