Actor Fred Ebere Blames Late Junior Pope For His Death And Blasts AGN For Banning The Adanma Luke Production

Comic actor Fred Ebere has slams AGN of banning Adanma Luke’s production and blamed Junior Pope for his death.

In a video shared to his Facebook page, Fred Ebere criticized multiple people. He began by accusing the film producer, Adanma Luke, of failing to provide life jackets for her film crew.

Furthermore, he held the late Junior Pope responsible for his decision to go on the boat without a life jacket, emphasizing that Junior Pope would not have boarded the boat until one was provided.

Fred also chastised TC Virus for ringing a bell on the boat, despite knowing that certain taboos should not be breached near a river.

Regarding AGN’s decision to prohibit Adanma Luke from directing motion movies, he stated that it was unnecessary because she had no intention of causing the deaths.

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