Joeboy Advises Men How to Know If A Lady Genuinely Loves Them

Joeboy, a popular musician, has shared the trick to understanding whether a woman truly loves a man.

According to him, one of the most reliable indicators of a lady’s real interest in a guy is her willingness to spend money on him.

Joeboy, speaking on a “Cocktails & Takeaways” podcast episode hosted by Madame Joyce, stated that the amount she spends on the guy does not have to be enormous.

He said:

“The easiest way to know if a woman genuinely likes you is if she’s ready to spend on you. It doesn’t have to be anything craazy [expensive]. It can be just a situation of ‘Oh! I saw this shirt that I really like and I think it will look good on you.

“Three months into a relationship, you can start expecting gifts from your partner. It doesn’t have to be something expensive, just little things. A lot of people don’t understand that men are not used to getting gifts so whenever they get a gift even if it’s socks, we appreciate it a lot.”

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