Skiibi’s Ex-Girlfriend, DSF, Writes A Strange Post After Tiktoker Nickie Dabarbie Accused The Artist Of Money Rituals.

Skiibii’s ex-girlfriend, Dorcas Shola-Fabson, often known as DSF, has responded to Nickie DaBarbie’s charges of money rituals.

In a popular video, TikTok user Nickie DaBarbie accused Skiibii, Mayoukon, and other musicians of being ritualists.

A video circulating on the internet shows Nickie DaBarbie detailing how she evaded Skiibii’s claws.

She was seen documenting the home and the people inside, including the artist. According to Tiktoker, she visited Skiibii’s estate and nearly became a scapegoat for money rituals.

DSF replied instantly, sharing a mysterious comment on her Instagram story. In one of her messages, she urged that social media users stop associating her to Skiibii.

She also made another post hinting that if she decides to expose what she knows, there will be chaos online.

Check out her post below:

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