Tiktoker Nickie Dabarbie Claimed Skiibi Tried To Use Her For Ritual.

Nickie DaBarbie, a popular TikTok user, has lashed out, accusing Nigerian artist Skiibii of attempting to use her for money rituals.

In a viral video, Nickie DaBarbie explains how she avoided Skiibii’s claws.

She was seen documenting the home and the people inside, including the artist. According to Tiktoker, she went to Skiibii’s residence and almost became a scapegoat for money rituals.

She revealed in the video that Skiibii attempted to revive his rituals through her, but it failed owing to her spiritual strength. However, after she posted the video, it appears that Nickie DaBarbie was allegedly intoxicated, making her claims ambiguous.

Watch video below:


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