Pastor Paul Enenche And Veronica Feature In Test Questions At Rivers State University

Online users react as Veronica Anyim, a church member, and Pastor Paul Enenche’s drama emerge on a River State University law test question.

Recall that the senior pastor of the Dunamis Church publicly humiliated Veronica, a church member, since he believed her testimony was false.

Following the incident, there was much debate and fury, with many individuals voicing their opposing viewpoints and demanding that the clergyman publicly apologize to Veronica.

The incident was used by the Rivers State University law department to develop an exam for students.

The question refreshed the students’ minds on the scenario and posed questions based on it.

Reacting to the post…

@samuel_of_nija said: “Schools have to get more serious. unnecessary question from attention seeker teacher.”

@dayveedd_naz’s wrote: “So everyone is supposed to know about the incident? Rubbish”

@the_6thson said: “Look the date. Everything in Nigeria is just confusion.”

@arc_kwubs said: “This is what schools should emulate. Using real life event to study and understand law.. imagine if she had opted to sue the church and man of God, No be lawyer go defend her ???.”

@ms_testimony said: “Look at the date, I think the lecturer also had a BSc in law”


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