Nancy Isime Discusses Her Workout Routine, Revealing That It’s The Finest Thing That Ever Happened To Her

Nancy Isime, a Nollywood actress, exudes confidence as she discusses how much she values exercise and the benefits it provides.

On her Instagram story, the media personality remarked that fitness is one of the best things that has happened to her. She will provide fitness as a present to whomever she adores.

The actress remarked that because she had the ability to exercise every day, everyone around her should as well. She wants to grow old and run around like a kid because of her tremendous strength and the benefits of fitness.

She wrote:

“If I Love You, I’ll Gift you Fitness. It’s one of the best things that ever happened to me. If you’re close to me, first thing we’re doing is cleaning your diet even if na small (cheat day, we go crazy and getting you to workout one way or the other every other day. Even if it’s just walks. It’s a non-compulsory requirement to be in my life. Heck! I want us to be 70 running around like kids because we understood the incredible power/benefits of Fitness early enough. I want you alive and well! START TOMORROW MORNING!!! JUST DO IT! GET MOVING!!”

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