Actor Ernest Obi Has Revealed How Much Producers Pay Their Pas In The Industry

Ernest Obi, a Nollywood director, revealed how much producers pay their personal assistants (PAs) and actresses in the film industry.

Ernest Obi highlighted his concerns about movie producers’ exploitative techniques at a candlelight march at Lagos’ National Stadium in memory of his late colleague Junior Pope and the five other crew members who died in the Anam River.

The candlelight procession’s leader, Ernest Obi, highlighted the importance of safety during the filming process. He advised fellow performers to put their health first and take the necessary procedures to avoid disasters.

The veteran actor complained about how directors mistreated their personnel, specifically the underpayment of personal assistants. He added that some filmmakers simply pay their aides N10,000 for fifteen days.

In his words:

“Take a stand, say No Sir. If you’re a member of the Guild, make a call immediately. Except your guild or president or Chairman is nonfunctional. Tell him that they want you to enter a forest and there are snakes there as you cannot and the Guild should swing into action immediately and not after. How much are PAs being paid? How can you employ someone to work for you for 10 or 15 days and you pay them N15k. That’s not just a sin but it’s a sin against God”.

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