EFCC Wants to End My Career, People Stop Spraying Me Money, Speed Darlington Cries Out

Speed Darlington regrets the enforcement of the legislation against naira misuse, claiming that he no longer gets sprayed at gatherings.

The singer described how, despite playing to the best of his talents and being quite entertaining at a recent concert, he was not sprayed by any of his fans.

Even though there were vendors selling cash at the event, many people refused to purchase and spray because they were afraid of the EFCC.

He claims that getting sprayed is a major source of his livelihood and the EFCC is trying to take that away from him.

According to him, a major way to flaunt one’s wealth as a man is by spraying money lavishly and if one is not allowed to do so, then he cannot show off.

Speed Darlington also made a case for strippers who get their money from getting sprayed in the club, wondering how they would now make income or if they would turn to other vices like kidnapping.

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