It Is Disrespectful To Water Down Davido’s Effort Because His Father Is Rich – Timaya

Popular Nigerian singer, Timaya has described his junior colleague, Davido, as the most hardworking young individual he has ever encountered.

Timaya insisted that it was unjustifiable for people to dismiss Davido’s artistic efforts due to his rich background.

Speaking during a recent interview, the singer noted that Davido has dedicated significant effort to amassing his own wealth.

Timaya argued that some individuals who are opportuned to come from the same background as Davido might not strive as hard as he does.

He insisted that it was disrespectful to trivialise Davido’s achievement simply because of his affluent background.

He urged critics to cease attempting to discredit Davido because of his remarkable achievements in the industry.

Timaya said: “I’m a fan of Davido, I find it disrespectful when people try to water down his hard work in the name of the father has money. Yes the father has money but Davido has worked hard to get his own.

“He is extremely talented and consistent . He is one of the most hard working young men that I’ve seen. Quit trying to discredit him this young man has done way too much.”

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