It Hurts To See People You Love Suffer – Bukunmi Oluwasina Feel Bad About Ongoing Hardship

Bukunmi Oluwasina, a Nollywood actress, is the latest star to speak out about the country’s current hardships.

As much as she wants to keep her mouth shut this year, she admitted in a lengthy statement on her Instagram page that it’s difficult because it hurts.

She lamented that no matter how wealthy she is, she will never be able to solve everyone’s problems and that she is heartbroken to see the people she loves and cares about suffer.

Bukunmi confessed that she has been avoiding her direct messages for several days now as opening them always negatively affects her mental state.

She observed that the impoverished, the mediocre, and even the wealthy ones are now pleading for financial help.

Oluwasina went on to say that nothing is working in the nation and that a person’s monthly salary is insufficient to even cover their weekly expenses.

The actress admitted that though there is inflation in every country, it isn’t as worse as Nigeria.

She wrote,

“As much as I really want to mind my business for 2024, it’s hard. It hard cos it hurts. It hurts watching the people you love and care so much about suffer, and you can’t do anything about it, because no matter how much you have or what you do, you can’t solve everybody’s problems.

I have been avoiding my DM for days now, cos every time I open it, it messes up my mental health. Both poor, averagely okay and even rich, are now begging for financial assistance.
Nothing is working. A month salary can’t even feed you for a week, let alone the whole family.

Yeah, inflation is in every country, (That’s the excuse) but hell no, it’s not as worse as what’s happening in Nigeria.
I mean, Seeing posts of people dying of hunger. How? Why?
What the f**** is going on??????!!!!!

It’s funny how, cos despite all of these, everywhere is so quiet”.

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