I Hope The Hungry Eats The Fed – DJ Switch Blasts Seyi Law Over His Open Letter To Nigerians

DJ Switch, a Nigerian disc jockey, has called out comedian Seyi Law for his open letter to Nigerians.

Recall comedian Seyi Law had spoken to Nigerians and offered his support, pleading with them to cease their insults.

He underlined in a lengthy statement that he would not turn a blind eye to the suffering that Nigerians are going through simply because he backed a candidate other than the majority in the just concluded presidential election.

He declared that he would support the government he voted for in order to help Nigerians, regardless of the current state of affairs.

Reacting to it on the microblogging network Twitter, now known as X, Dj Switch confronted him, claiming that his support and campaign for President Tinubu was motivated by spite, whether he believed it or not.

She added that the only reason she would give him a pass is that he is not hiding behind closed doors like others; however, this does not mean he can reverse the damage he has caused.

She referred to Tinubu followers as “miserable bastards,” and questioned how someone like Tinubu would be appealing to him as president if it wasn’t for tribal strife.

She tweeted,

“The only thing I will give to you is that you are not hiding behind closed doors like some people… but, you can never undo the damage.
I dare say it was out of spite that you supported and campaigned for such an individual, whether you recognize it was spite or not. Because Seyi, tell me how someone with such criminal records, past and present… was so attractive to you if not for the obvious which is tr!be! I don’t even want to go into his lack of vision or dodging debates because he’s not a legitimate president to begin with. Now you lot have supported an ancient of days noob, what gàn gàn did you expect to happen??? I hope the hungry eats the fed! Miserable bastards!”.


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