‘Foolish People’ – Angela Okorie Threatens To Expose Nollywood Actresses Snatching Husbands, Boyfriends

Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie, has threatened to expose female Nollywood stars snatching other people’s husbands and boyfriends.

Angela described the category of ladies snatching husbands and boyfriends as low-class people with no pedigree.

The thespian said she is waiting for them to speak and would drop their names online.

The movie star noted that those involved in such illicit affairs are putting the Nollywood industry in a bad light, adding they are foolish, including those backing them.

She wrote” “Nollywood girls and snatching na 5&6. Is either they are snatching husbands. Or they are snatching boyfriends, they sha won knack who you Dey knack just to pepper you.

“Very low-class people with no pedigree, after dem, go Dey find respect monkey bananas. All of una wey Dey this table I Dey wait make I hear kpim.

“Make I drop una names local champs. Na dem Dey give person bad names, and their fellow snatchers will be backing them up for the nonsense their doing Ndi iberibe, Ndi ala, Ndi Nzuz.”

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