How To walk Like A Model

As a Model no matter type of model you are, catwalk is what you must learn, it’s very necessary.

Here are some Tips For you.✌️

Listen to the rhythm

When practice on how to catwalk, try not to run. But don’t walk too slow either. Designers always play music during catwalk shows, so where possible, the best method is to listen to the music, feel the beat, and walk in time with that. Take long strides. This will help you to keep up with the pace of the rest of the model cast, and to keep your catwalk smooth and confident. You may need to stop at the end of the catwalk, turn, and walk back. You shouldn’t just stop suddenly! Plan where you will be stopping, slow down before you reach that spot, At the end of the runway, you should stop and pose, shift your weight to the other foot and pose again, and move off. It may help to count to three in your head before you turn to walk back, allowing time for your picture to be taken.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes

Remember: everything needs to look natural! When walking, your back should be straight, core tight, and shoulders back and down – but in a relaxed, not a forced, way. As you walk, your arms should swing slightly and you should keep your hands relaxed. This will help you keep a strong pace. Don’t move your hips too much, they should stay straight. Movement should come from your legs. As you walk, place your feet on the floor with confidence and style. Girls, choose high heels that fit you and feel comfortable to get used to walking in them with ease. It may help to choose flat shoes to begin to get used to the pace before adding heels later. Watch videos of catwalk models in fashion shows, it will help you pick up tips. Also watch clips of catwalk models falling over! If it happens to you, you will learn how to pick yourself up with good humour! The key is to laugh it off, to get up – and to carry on with the show!✌️✌️

Game face on strong

Your expression is very important when performing a model walk. This sets the mood and helps you feel confident and in control. The show choreographer will instruct models on their expression; for some shows, like the Victoria’s Secret show, models smile and give out a happy energy. At others, like the Chanel show, the direction is for a serious, high fashion vibe. Practice both! In either case, it come from your eyes, and you should feel the emotion from within. Keep your expressions strong, and look ahead at all times.

Pick a spot ahead and look at that as you walk. Don’t look to the side. When you turn, you should keep looking at the spot ahead, turn your body first and your head should be the last thing to move. This is done quickly; it is a subtle but important movement. Look at the cameras and give them your best. Having a good catwalk pose is essential, so get it right in the mirror first. It should be relaxed, perhaps with on hand on the hip. This is your moment! 😜😜

Now you know how to walk like a model!

Keep your pace smooth and natural, your movements controlled and your expression strong. All this takes time to learn, so if you don’t get it right first time, don’t worry! Practice makes perfect, so find a quiet place, preferably with a mirror, and keep walking up and down until you feel ready to face the cameras!

Get yourself ready for the event.

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