It Is Wrong For Security Guard To Be Dancing At His Duty Post – Yul Edochie

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Nigerian actor Yul Edochie blames the two security guards in the viral video for dancing while on duty.

Yul Eodchie stated this in one of his social media posts saying social media has made people do all sorts of rubbish because they wanted to trend.

A few days ago, two security guards, were seen dancing to the ‘Finesse’ trending song.

it was rumored that the workers were sacked because of their dance after the video went viral on social media.

But the Chicken Republic, the employers of the guards, denied sacking them in a statement on Friday.

Reacting to the video, Edochie tweeted, “It is wrong for a security guard to be dancing at his duty post.

“Social media is making people do all sorts of rubbish just to trend. You should respect your job.

“When you get home after work, you can dance till dawn. You try it with me once, I warn you. Try it again, I will fire you.”

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