5 Beautiful Countries Without A Single Military

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It’s not every country that is interested in all the fighting and nuclear weapons threat going on in Europe, Asia and the west. Some just want to enjoy fresh air and live in harmony. Here are details about the five countries with no military;


Dominica, an island nation in the Caribbean Sea, currently has no standing military since forty one years ago. However, defense is the responsibility of the Regional Security System.


An independent island nation within the British Commonwealth, Tuvalu currently has no military since the country gained independence from Britain forty four years ago. However, in the nation, there is a small police force, which includes a Maritime Surveillance Unit for internal security.


Liechtenstein is a German-speaking country located between Austria and Switzerland. Since the abolition of the country’s standing military one hundred and fifty four years ago because it was deemed too costly to maintain, the country has not had military. An army is only allowed in times of war, but that situation has never occurred.


A Polynesian island country located between Hawaii and New Zealand, Samoa has no military since the country was founded. The country only has a small police force and a Maritime Surveillance Unit for internal security.


Andorra, an independent landlocked country located in the eastern part of Europe and bordered by France to the north and Spain to the south, currently has no standing military.

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