Lady Marries 89yrs Old Billionaire Only To Discover He Gave Her Nothing In His Will After His Death

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Here’s the controversial love story of model, actress and TV personality, Anna Nicole Smith and American Billionaire oil tycoon and lawyer, J. Howard Marshall.

According to Forbes, the lovebirds had previously met in a night club in Houston in 1993, and after the 89 year old Howard Marshall had dated the then 26 year old Anna Nicole for some time they eventually got married in 1994, but unfortunately for her, the wealthy man died about a year afterwards.

Did it just end there? No way! Just like a popular saying puts it that, “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride,” that became the immediate story of Anna.

Yes, she soon discovered that her name was not included in the Will (asset sharing/allocation) left behind by the late billionaire, as everything was willed to her late hubby’s son, Pierce. There’s no doubt, this will definitely break the hearts of many other young ladies who might be in her position.

The truth is that most people would have concluded that she’s only interested in the man’s wealth, hence the reason she agreed to marry him in the first place. Even Forbes reported that the Billionare’s first son, Pierce, believed that Nicole was only after his dad’s money, which is why he made sure she wasn’t included in his father’s will.

Anna Nicole refused to relent, she soon filed for bankruptcy in a court of law based in California just to get sympathy from the law court. Eventually, she got the kind of judgment she had been begging for as another court awarded her the sum of $474 million.

Unfortunately for her, that judgment was never executed as the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit quashed the judgment, on the ground that the court that gave her the judgment had no right to sit on the matter for the fact that it had been previously decided in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Anna died in 2007 without getting a dime from the late Billionaire’s wealth.

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