4 Gas Cooker Mistakes That Can Cause Fire In The Kitchen

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As an experienced HSE officer, I can tell you that cooking with Gas is one of the cleanest and probably most affordable means of getting your foods cooked. But there are gas safety measures you must stick to in order to avoid fire and other unpleasant incidences in the kitchen.

Here are mistakes you should avoid..

1. Using lighters, mobile phones torches to check gas stoves

This is outright wrong when using gas. When you suspect that the gas stove has leakage, you should immediately close the gas valve, open the kitchen door for ventilation.

Avoid using phones next to the gas stove, because it radiate heat energy.

2. Placing Inflammable objects near the gas cooker

The heat from a gas stove burner can burn inflammable objects that are held close to it. Any plastic utensils or jars, foil paper wrappings, and air-tight glass containers must be kept at a safe distance from the gas stove, especially when it’s being used.

One common mistake people make is placing things on adjacent burners that are not being used. The safest option is to keep absolutely nothing on the burners and keep inflammable objects far away from the stove.

3. Wrong positioning of the gas cylinder

Poor positioning is one of the grievous mistakes that often lead to gas-related accidents. That’s why you must be extra careful with the Positioning.

To stay safe using cooking gas, always keep your gas cylinder on a firm and balanced surface, and be sure to place it vertically i.e. you should position it in such a way that the bottom of the cylinder will be in contact with the balanced surface while the regulator side of the container will be directly upwards.

4. Using a rusty cylinder

Rusty cylinder easily suffer gas leakage. This is because most of these gas cylinders when they get rusty tend to have little holes that quietly release gas, which could lead to gas explosion.

Make sure to always stick to these gas safety measures.

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