Man Sleeping With His Sister Kills Her For Having Sex With Another Man

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A Texas man who had been sleeping with his sister, beat her to death with a baseball bat after he found out she had sex with another man, prosecutors said.

Jose Manuel Guzman, 32, allegedly killed his sister in the Canutillo home they shared, the El Paso County District Attorney told the El Paso Times.

Guzman allegedly snapped after he learned of his sister being with a male friend who visited a night earlier. He then attacked her with a “massage instrument” and a bat.

Afterward, he tried to mop up the blood in the home and fled as he heard law enforcement approaching, according to the Times.

He was later arrested and charged with murder. He is in jail on a $1 million bond.

Prosecutors say Guzman is from Guatemala and a legal US resident, although he is not a US citizen. He has lived in El Paso since he was 3 years old and only recently learned that he had a sister in Guatemala.

They met and allegedly began a sexual relationship, according to authorities.

El Paso prosecutors said Guzman was a drug dealer with previous criminal charges, including a 2017 case where he is accused of breaking a man’s arm with a baseball bat and smashing his windows. He also reportedly has previous family violence and drug possession cases.

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