Why Humility Does Not Pay In Nigeria – M.I. Abaga

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Nigerian rapper M.I. Abaga is still undoubtedly one of the best MCs to come out of Nigeria. M.I is not only talented, he’s also intelligent and very articulate. Now, the rapper is addressing something that he needs to get off his chest and bring to the public forum for discussion – humility in Nigeria.

Unlike a lot of rappers, M.I is not known for showing off and flashing his money everywhere he goes as seems to be customary with rappers. But now, the rapper is questioning if that is even worth it in a place like Nigeria. I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter as well so without further ado, let’s just dive in.

Here is everything M.I said about humility in Nigeria.

The conversation started on the 19th of January when M.I. tweeted out saying:

Having experimented with Humility for over a decade within these shores I am here to report my findings.

*clears throat*

E no de work for here. Carry your shoulder hop!

After his post on Twitter, M.I was not done talking about the topic of humility. During a conversation he had with The Punch, M.I Abaga was quoted as saying:

Don’t be humble. It does not work. How many humble artistes are ‘big’? Who are the big artistes and who are the humble ones?

After that, he went again on Twitter to say about the conversation with The Punch and his thoughts on humility:

Still facts..

And isn’t complicated.

In our society wealth and power are treated higher than moral values and integrity.

The cardinal sin here is poverty.. not pride.

After reading his thoughts, a number of people had their own thoughts on what M.I was saying. One person wondered when M.I himself was humble writing, “you were humble?” to which another user said, “He is actually. The few times that I had the opportunity of getting close to him as an entire stranger, he treated me and others with utmost respect. I really adore his level of humility as a superstar. A True Chairman!

Another user named OdaneOki responding to the issue of humility said, “It’s an established fact that, the humble are despised most times. However, humility is more about the inner peace of the humble fellow than whatever spite outsiders mete on him. It’s a blessing indeed.” Another user named Dike Izu said, “If you are humble for the sake of being paid, it doesn’t work, if you’re humble cos it gives you peace of mind and personal gratification, it works.

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