4 Essential Things A Man Must Possess Before Marriage

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Marriage is a phase in a man’s life that comes with a lot of responsibilities and commitment. According to research and recommendations from relationship experts and psychologists, it was revealed that before a man becomes married; it’s a necessity that he, first possess certain traits and materials which are essential for the success and continuity of the relationship.

Regarding this article; we shall be examining some of those traits or things a man is supposed to have before considering marriage. Below are some of them.

1. Emotional and mental maturity.

Mental and emotional maturity is a necessary prerequisite that is needed for the smooth running of the union. As a man who intends to get married, you should first ask yourself; if you are capable and ready for the challenges and hurdles marriage brings. As you might know – marriage goes beyond love and mutual feelings, it embraces the whole idea of adjusting to your partner’s terms and exhibiting the desired virtues that will make your relationship a smooth one.

2. A job or steady source of income.

Yes, I know you love her and you are sincere about it; but do you have a job? The continuity of any marriage is not only rooted in love and romance, it involves the availability of financial resources which are needed in settling some challenges.
As a man who desires to get married to probably the woman of his dreams; it then becomes important to know that your love can only be effective when there is money. I am not talking about millions of naira – at least something that can settle food bills, clothing, domestic bills and health care.

3. An apartment.

Most men have reportedly married their wives into their family home which isn’t completely bad – but it is better to have your own apartment before getting married. The reason for this can be traced to the idea of maintaining your self-respect and that of your wife’s, and also to accord yourself some marital privacy.

4. Vision and prospect for the marriage.

It might interest you to know that marriage isn’t an end – rather, it is a means to an end. Marrying your partner for the sole purpose of satisfying your sexual urge or pleasure isn’t completely a good reason to marry. As a man who desires to get married, it becomes important you bear in mind that you are bringing somebody’s daughter into your house, as such; you should have a well-drafted and solid plan for her and the marriage as well. In the absence of no vision before marriage – the relationship might perish.

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