What You Need To Know Right Now About 2020 USA Election

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The final TV debate showdown between President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden offered sharply differing views on the coronavirus pandemic as they both sought to woo the few remaining undecided voters less than two weeks before the November 3rd election.

-Trump delivered the restrained and consistent performance his advisers said was necessary during the debate, avoiding the chaos of the first one, but it was unlikely to alter the presidential race in any fundamental way, analysts say.

Exclusive: Government analysts and private investigators were able to rapidly attribute to Iranian hackers thousands of threatening emails aimed at U.S. voters because of mistakes made in a video attached to some of the messages, sources say. And U.S. agencies accused Russia of breaking into government computer networks, the second allegation in as many days of foreign hacking and election interference.

-In the final stretch of the White House race, Biden has a big cash advantage after outraising Trump in early October. The former vice president raised $130 million compared to the incumbent’s $44 million according to the Federal Election Commission.

-Amid hundreds of legal battles on election rules during a global pandemic, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit by Trump’s re-election campaign against New Jersey over a decision by its Democratic governor to mail a ballot to every voter in the state as well as hold in-person voting.

-The White House released raw footage from an interview Trump had with “60 Minutes” reporter Lesley Stahl, breaking an agreement to hold the material until an edited version could run this weekend.


The presidential election will be crucial in determining the next steps in global climate action, EU climate experts say. A Biden win would be expected to revive international cooperation on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while a second term for Trump could prove more disruptive than his first by emboldening climate-sceptic countries, they say.


Biden’s clean energy plans put the spotlight on oil companies and stocks during the final TV debate with Trump even though crude oil futures fell very marginally. The rivals clashed over the country’s response to climate change and disagreed over the future of the oil industry.


Amid a mail-in and early voting surge due to the coronavirus pandemic, U.S. voters have cast more than 47.5 million votes for the Nov. 3 election. That is approximately eight times the number of early votes cast at the same stage in the 2016 election cycle.

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