Nothing Wrong In A Woman Being The Bread Winner – Teni

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Teni in a series of tweets stated there was nothing wrong with a woman being the breadwinner in a family. In another tweet, she  added that if more women were given power, positive change will be more realistic.“Nothing wrong in a woman being the breadwinner!Put more women in power!! Get the change you need!!”

However, a fan reacted to her opinion and argued that it’s a big problem if a man starts to do house chores like sweeping and cleaning the house. Baffled Teni asked him why he couldn’t cook and clean and he revealed that he never saw his own father doing house chores so he would never do otherwise. He added that God will provide for him, to be the breadwinner of his own family. Teni responded to him telling him to go back to school because his education seems to be poor.

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