Exclusive Interviews With Miss Faderera, Third Runner Up – Face of the Month

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Please tell us about yourself?

I’m Adekunle Faderera. Am a gentle and an easy going person I have a tender heart…I am ambitious and driven.I thrive on challenge and constantly set goals for myself. so I have something to strive toward. i am not comfortable with settling and I’m always looking forward for an opportunity to do better and achieve greatness.I also don’t like people taking me for granted and I am also a very committed person

Wow, that’s awesome. Can you also tell us about your educational background?
I finished my secondary school in Adeleke University high school…Am currently a student on Osun state University am studying biology education

Besides schooling and modelling, is there anything else you do?

What’s your relationship status?
Am single

What’s your ideology about life?

I believe that one’s background those not determine his or her success .I also believe you are wat you think you are

What’s your location during the 2020 Lockdown and where would you have been if not for the lockdown?
I was at osogbo my home town during the lockdown if not for the lockdown I would have been in school

With the Covid-19 Pandemic forcing everyone to stay at home, what are the negative and positive implications so far for you as an individual?
The positive impacts so far for me as an individual is that it has help me built a genuine relationship I have got to spend my time with my family members. The forced isolation has served as a reminder of how much my loved ones means to me and we are coming together like never before.
And the negative impact so far for me as an individual is that it doesn’t really make me active and most of the times am always bored

In the fight against the Pandemic, what ways has the government and relevant agencies performed well and do you have any suggestions?
The government has performed well by setting up task force both national and state building of isolation centers and giving of palliative to citizens. I think the palliative doesn’t really go round so I suggest the government should try as much as they can to make it go round

What are your career goals and where do you see yourself in the next five years?
I want to be a successful model and in the next five years i see myself as a successful model

Can you tell us how you got to know about the contest and what motivated you?
I got to know about the contest on social media. And what motivated me was i had always wanted to purse my dream as a model and when I saw the contest I felt it was a starting point

What were your challenges during the contest and how were you able to overcome them?
My challenges ..like it was really difficult convincing people to vote when I ask them to vote some of them will say it scam and they can waste their money I received lots of insults but I just had to be patient and convince them they are not wasting their money…with lots of patience and endurance I was able to overcome them

How do you feel  emerging the third runner-up and what do you plan to do as a promotional model at TIG Entertainment?
I feel really great and accomplished and I plan to represent the brand well anywhere I see myself

Finally, who do you want to send a shout out to?
To my parents for their support to God for making possible and finally to my friends

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