Exclusive Interviews With Miss Hannah, Second Runner Up – Face of the Month

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Exclusive interview with Miss Hannah Biambo, Second Runner Up at Face of The Month May 2020 Edition Online  Contest hosted by TIG Entertainment

Please tell us about yourself?
I’m Hannah Biambo, from okrika LGA in rivers state, am a French student of Ignatius Ajuru university of education. Am 21years old, and the 5th child of the family of 6.

Can you also tell us about your educational background?
I grew up in a family that believes education is important. My parents gave me the best I deserve, they took care of me throughout my nursery, primary, and my elder brother Ibinabo Biambo insisted that he wouldn’t let my parents suffer by training me, my brother and younger sister, but he will take care of everything that concerns my education. He took take care of everything i wanted. After then,

My uncle Felix biambo who is a retired Nigeria Naval officer interviewed me about my school and saw my passion for school and invited my Dad, and he told him not to bother about my school that he is going to take care of me and my studies. Which he has been taking care of me till date.

I was a very quiet type in my nursery, primary and secondary. I tried to be bold in my university because its just like another world, if u are quiet u may be messed up.

Besides schooling and modelling, is there anything else you do?
Yes, am also an event planner

What’s your relationship status?

What’s your ideology about life?

Life is full of challenges, one can only overcome the challenges of life by putting God first in ur every day activities, be strong and courageous.

What’s your location during the 2020 Lockdown and where would you have been if not for the lockdown?
I was at borikiri in port Harcourt with my Mum, If not for the lockdown i would have been in school

With the Covid-19 Pandemic forcing everyone to stay at home, what are the negative and positive implications so far for you as an individual?
The negative implication was lack of finance, to buy data for online lectures and so on, many individuals were affected.

Positive implications was many had the time to relax, spend time with family and friends.

In the fight against the Pandemic, what ways has the government and relevant agencies performed well and do you have any suggestions?
I don’t really have much to say about this, But I guess the government tried the best they could do to fight against the pandemic. But the society lacked. I suggest the government should try hard to bless lives by reaching out to the needy.

What are your career goals and where do you see yourself in the next five years?
My career goal is to be an ambassador, and I have passion for modelling.

In the next five years, I see myself as a Great woman

Can you tell us how you got to know about the contest and what motivated you?
I got to know about the contest through social media platform.

What motivated me is that, i have passion for modelling. And I want to work hard to be a successful model

What were your challenges during the contest and how were you able to overcome them?
My challenges was how to convince friends to vote for me, some thought it was scam and so on. I was almost discouraged but I put in my best to achieve my dreams. And I was also encouraged by my elder brother Michael Biambo, who really helped me throughout the contest.

How do you feel emerging the 2nd runner-up and what do you plan to do as a promotional model at TIG Entertainment?
Smiles…I feel so excited.

My plans are to work with TIG entertainment, for it to be known in French countries, join hands with the crew to take it to a next level.

Finally, who do you want to send a shout out to?
I want to send my shout out to my family and friends. May God bless them abundantly. Amen

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