What Will Make Me Fall In Love –Nollywood Actress Gloria Okafor

Nollywood actress cum producer, Gloria Chisom Okafor has listed what will make a man win her heart. In this interview, the talk show host and CEO, Gloria Okafor Productions also reveals reasons she can’t marry an older man. Enjoy it.

How has life been since the COVID-19 lockdown?

Life has been very fine and I bless God for that. He has been faithful. It has been from grace to grace. I am healthy. However, I miss shooting on set, that’s my profession and what puts food on my table. I am not an idle person, so staying at home when I am suppose to be working looks so odd to me. Idleness irritates me but with the situation on ground, our health is more important than any other thing. So, staying at home is just the best, it will make me discover new ideas and also have time for myself.

What are your plans after the lockdown?

My plan after the lockdown is to swing into filming. I have scripts pilled up before the commencement of the lockdown. So, all hands will be on deck after the lockdown.

Do you have any intention producing a movie soonest?

Yes. I just finished working on my last movie. I produced Lost Conscience, which starred Padita Agu, Anthony Monjaro, Roxy Antak, Tonia Nwosu, and myself among others. It feels good seeing veterans coming back to our screen, and I am glad I made use of Padita Agu; she is such an angel. Lost Conscience is a family story that is good for all age groups, both children and adults, with great lessons.

How many movies have you produced so far?

I have produced six movies including My Father’s Advice, Isije, Not My Throne, Pages In-between, Hidden Flaws, and Lost Conscience. Now, I’m planning on my next movie.

What are your criteria for casting during production?

Most of our actors have been stereotyped, but not withstanding, before I invite an actor for a job, I must first digest the story and then go through the list of actors that fit the role. I can have two or three actors in case the one I have in mind isn’t available. If you are a fan of my movies, you will agree with me that they are unique in their own way and always have some lessons for the viewers. My movies have a way of touching lives positively.

What are your biggest fears of the COVID-19 lockdown?

My biggest fear of the lockdown is death. Everyday, we hear of people dying, and it feels bad losing loved ones.

Have you found yourself crushing on an actor? 

No. For me, it’s strictly work and business.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

My plan for the rest of the year is to produce more reputable movies. Also, Gloria Okafor Productions will be a household name in the entertainment industry. I want to touch lives positively through movies.

Are you in a relationship?

I wouldn’t want to talk about that. It’s my private life, please.

Who is the lucky man?

It is not for public consumption.

Would you be a baby mama?

No, I wouldn’t. Most women who are baby mamas didn’t pray to be one. It’s every woman’s dream and desire to have a home of her own. However, being a baby mama is a matter of choice.

Can you marry an older man?

No, I can’t. It’s my desire to marry a man of my age, so we can rock life together and see our children grow with us.

What will make you fall in love with a man?

There are basic things that will make me fall in love with a man. First, a man must have the fear of God, because with that he will be disciplined. There are things a carnal man will do that he won’t do. Second, a man must have understanding; he must be loving, caring, neat, and above all, supportive. For instance, my choice of career, not everyman will like a woman who is into entertainment for reason best known to them. But if you have a man who is supportive and understanding, he will help you build your career, and be with you all the way.

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