TIG Entertainment: Meet Ogunshakin Precious

Face Of TIG Entertainment
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The Well deserving 1st runner-up of the highly competitive April 2020 Edition of our Face of The Month Online Contest earned herself a  Media Publicity Deal, an Exclusive Interview and a free entry into the prestigious Photo Contest 2020.

Let’s get to meet her!

Congratulations for coming our 1st runner-up  Face of April 2020 Online  Contest hosted by TIG Entertainment.

Please tell us about yourself?

I’m Ogunshakin Precious From Ekiti State, Oye Local Government Area , I’m a 19 years old  student of Captain Elechi Amadi Polytechnic, Port Harcourt.  the first child of  a family of two

What’s your relationship status?


What are your hobbies and interests?

I love reading, Singing and Dancing . My interest is music because I find it relieving

What’s your ideology about life?

Life is like a game and only the strong can survive whatever challenges it brings. Life isn’t easy, but you just have to put God first, pray, be smart, be bold and work hard that’s the only way to win the challenges of life.

How did you get to know about the contest?

I get to know about the contest through social media platform (Facebook).

What motivated you to participate in the contest?

What actually motivated me to join the contest was that I really wanted to try something new although I had doubts due to the fraud rate on social media, but everything is risk so I took a bold step to give it a try.

What can you say about the organization of the contest?

Well what I can actually say about the organization of the contest, hmm…
They actually did hosted it well and with all sense of fairness besides it’s a nice thing to do.
With such organization, I think it will attract more youths to be well exposed in terms of their passion, not every youth out there is willing to take the risk cause some of them have this fear of not winning but I hope this platform helps in bringing them out of their shell just like me.

What were your challenges during the contest and how were you able to overcome them?

My challenges during the contest was to get voters, it was really hard convincing them, some of them think is another way of hacking their accounts but I humbled myself by begging and convincing them, never took any of their insultive words to heart, Let’s just say it’s God.

How do you feel coming out 1st runner-up?

Like a star (Laughs)

What do you plan to do with the fame and popularity the contest have given you?

I do believe with the fame and popularity my talent will be known.setup a brand make money and keep the same going

Where do you intend seeing yourself in the next 5 years?

I see myself as a star

What’s your Favorite Quote?

you are from a poor background it doesn’t mean your back should be on the ground

Any Shout-out or final words?

Well to the organization, Please keep up the Good work, it’s really appreciated.

I also want to give a big shout out to Felix for this great opportunity I love you so much😘

I’m  gonna make you proud and all thanks to God Almighty


10 thoughts on “TIG Entertainment: Meet Ogunshakin Precious

  1. Whao!! So inspiring, congratulations to this beautiful sis,like my own believe too that future belongs to the risk takers, I pray for everyone here may the Lord grant us more success in our endeavours and for the company keep on the good work for a service to humanity is also a service to God,more grace and more strength..

  2. pls how can i join the contest. this company is doing a good job. their are creating a platform to help models achieve their dreams

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