Her Parents Rejected Me Because I Am A Polytechnic Graduate

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We both met in 2015 during our NYSC at River State. We serve in the same PPA. She is good, lovely and caring. And to crown it all she is beautiful. I mean so beautiful.

It all started with friendship which later led to relationship. We share so many things together during our time in River State as per what the future holds.

After our NYSC, we both went back to our various base. She is based in Lagos while I reside in Osun. Immediate I finished my NYSC, I got a job with a private organisation as a factory supervisor. But she went further for her Masters in Covenant University, Otta. Despite the distance we still communicate from time to time and at times I do find time to check on her in Otta, while she also do check on me in Osogbo.

After her M.sc, her dad got her a job with a big company in Lagos.

Last year December she came to Osogbo as usual to check on me but fortunately she met my parents and my siblings at my place. They all love and accept her. When she was leaving the next day she told me that her parents told her that they want to meet her fiancé.

12th January, 2020 I travelled down to Lagos to meet her parents. When getting there I met her parents with her only sister. Her dad ask of my parents, state, my qualification and what I do for a living. I told him and immediately he stood up and told me he will never allow his daughter to marry an HND holder.

He said he can’t send his daughter to a university & end up marry an HND holder. Never!!! Though my gal is not in support of that, even ever since that time till now she’s not her self in that house.
I truly love her and I know she truly love me too. But her parents is the major concern.
Should I call it quit?

Please your advise is needed, what should I do?

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4 Replies to “Her Parents Rejected Me Because I Am A Polytechnic Graduate”

  1. you need to fight for the one you love, love conquer everything, as long as the lady is not letting you go… dnt backout

  2. bro look for another woman… which kind low mentality man is that?
    not about degree is about you as a person

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