17 Ways On How To Make Your Relationship Last Forever And Admirable

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1.Be patient to your partner; avoid putting your lover on tension to do something which he or she is not ready to do. Let everything come automatically in the right time. No need to rush.

2.Always spare time for your lover; Cease telling your spouse all the time that you are busy. When will you have time for him or her? Recall in the past you had time to corn her, to call or text him but now why can’t you? Come on try to fix some time for your dude or babe, meet and have fun and some good memorable moments.

3.Be an understanding partner; Try to believe what your lover tells you, if he tells you that he failed to get credit to call on you try to understand it. He’s also a human being like you. If she tells you that by the time you called her she was asleep, try to understand it. She also gets tired and she needs to rest like any other person.

4.Always forgive and forget; avoid bringing back the old things your lover did to you in the past every time you get a tiff.

5.Be caring; with the care I don’t mean you go borrow money from the bank and friends and buy for your partner costly things, to take him or her in expensive hotels… I mean doing the little things that suit in your wallet. Trust me if your lover is well raised and understanding h/she will appreciate and love you that way.

6.Maintain the communication with your lover; Try keeping in touch with your partner, call or text him or her, don’t allow your babe or dude to start missing you. Be closer in any possible way.

7.Be faithful and trustworthy to your dude or babe; I know you may be distant from your partner, then you start doubting him or her that maybe he or she is cheating on you or busy with someone else because h/she no longer does this and that hence you also start flirting and sleeping around with different people which isn’t good at all. Fight those false thoughts so that they don’t take you off track. Trust in your partner if you really love him or her and be faithful.

8.Avoid listening to rumors; these rumors are spread by people who don’t have what to do, they keep gathering false info and then they spread it to you. the majority of them have intensions which aren’t good. Some are interested in your lover, they admire the way h/she cares and loves you. So they build up fake stories just to make you hate and dump your partner and in turn they replace you. Watch out for them.

9.Avoid being nagging all the time; stop accusing your lover falsely all the time just because you want him or her to be guilty, you well know that your partner wasn’t involved in something but you’re constantly pinning him or her. why?, stop your games of complaining all the time over small things just because you want your lovers attention and to be the controller. Such acts may make your partner start losing the love they had for you hence paving a way for a break up.

10. Don’t be a dependant to your partner; Try contributing in some things, seriously stop being a parasite to your guy, share the bills together and have a say in some things since you’re also part of the relationship. Don’t make your partner to be the controller and the decision maker of the relationship.

11. Be honest to your lover; Avoid lying and fooling your partner, lies won’t get you any prize, stick on the truth no matter it’s hurting sometimes.

12. Respect your lover; if he is the man or she’s woman of your life then why disrespecting him or her? Don’t back at your partner, pay attention to what h/she says, don’t undervalue him or her, be a listening mate and do what your lover wants.

13. Give your man or woman some privacy; Avoid checking each and everything of his or hers, give your lover some space and freedom, try to have some trust in your partner no matter you don’t stay or move together, don’t touch your mate’s phone. Seriously you found your lover with friends; h/she has to keep in touch with them. They are not his girlfriends or her boyfriends. Your girl is that beautiful type, she has guys that try to corn her but she doesn’t love them and she can’t sleep with any. It’s you that she chose out of a million men that approach her. She loves you.

14. Stop bringing back the past; I know your partner jazzed you about his or her past experiences in love which weren’t so good. But stop rerating everything h/she does today to his or her past. Let it not be a daily song or a weapon to use to silent your dude or babe all the time. Seriously your partner jazzed you about it because h/she loves you so much and needed you to know him or her very well.

15. Always mean it when you tell your partner that you love him or her; Don’t just say that word just to make your mate feel good, let it be from the heart and accompany it with actions that will make your dude or babe believe it that you truly adore him or her.

16. Avoid giving fake promises; Many folks promise things that they will not fulfill like I will build for you a house if you produce for me a kid, I will take you to a driving school and buy for you a car if you accept to come home, I will pay all your tuition if you start staying with me, I will buy for you a piece of land, I will marry you if you create for me a job, I will introduce you to my parents if you buy for me this and that…and many more other fake promises. But have you ever asked yourself why some people do that? It’s because they want to take advantage of you, they want to quickly explore what is in between your legs… watch out for them and if you doing so you better cease.

17. Always pray to God; God he’s the solver and provider of everything. Nothing can fail with him. So surrender your relationship to the almighty God whether you’re in good or bad terms with your partner. If you have doubts that your partner may be cheating on you, pray to God to watch over him or her. If they are other problems like poverty, viral diseases and other in-differences just hand them to God and he will deal with them.

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