I Charmed My Boyfriend And He Married Me, I Killed His Mother Because She Hate Me – Lady

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Nigerian Lady (Name withheld) confesses how she charmed her Boyfriend and he got married to her and hate his family members, which later let to the mother’s death.

“Please i did something that am regretting, i know people will call me wicked but the truth is that wish i can turn back the hands of time to correct my mistakes.

“I am now a mother and i understand from my mother in law point of view. 25 years ago i met a handsome rich Dude, we dated for 3 months before his mother found out about us. She was against the relationship. His dad died when he was 4 years. His mother singlehandedly trained him and his kid sister. I love him to the extent that i can’t let him go. So i charmed him. We got married after 2 months. i now see my in-laws as an enemy, so i turned my husband’s head against his mom and sister.[irp]

“My husband stopped taking care of them. Some times they will come to my house to beg for raw food but i do chase them out. I am the reason why the sister is not yet married till date. Though i have released her  but it’s too late already.

“To cut the story short, i was wicked to them. My mother in-law died because of lack of money for treatment. they rushed her to the hospital, my sister in-law called my husband to ask for money for mom’s treatment.

“My husband response was that they are not in his budget. The woman later died, but she laid a curse on me the day they discharged her from the hospital.

“Her daughter brought her to my to dump her there, since we refused to send money, i refused the entrance. she curse me that i will train my children but non of them will take care of me. That my children will abandon me and will never respect or listen to my opinions, i laughed over it.[irp]

“Now is like it’s coming to pass. My 19 years old son got my neighbors daughter pregnant. came to report to us. I asked my son and he said the last time he touched the girl was 3 years ago. I believe him, i dealt with the girl parents for they came trying to tarnish my sons image.

“Out of annoyance, they curse my family, especially my son. The girl gave birth 7months ago. just this night, i heard that my son went and apologized to them. He even wedded her in court secretly, without telling we (his parents). This is somebody that is still eating mama thank you. how do i face this woman? my other children are nothing to write home about. no atom of respect for me. i have been praying and asking God for forgiveness. i have also gone through several deliverance yet it’s getting worse.

“Please what should i do please post. my pastor advised me to confess to my in-laws but i don’t know how to go about that. My husband will surely end the marriage and my in-laws will never allow me into their lives. My mum is with me in this. She was the one that actually took me to the place they did the charm.[irp]

“Please help me. My world is crumbling, if you know any strong man of God that will deliver recommend. Thanks and God bless. i will be in the comment section.

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