Boko Haram Believes They Are Killing For Allah Especially When They Kill Christians – Pastor Kome

Rev. (Dr.) John Kome, Senior Pastor of God’s Kingdom Christian Centre International (GKCC) and Secretary of African Democratic Congress (ADC) Lagos Chapter while speaking on COVID-19 says that Boko Haram believes they are killing for Allah especially when they kill Christians.

“I have been in the Christian race for about 41 years, I have been a Bible student these years. If I should advise Christians I will tell them that the Bible talks about the last day that we will see ‘so so’ things happening around the world we should know that God is about to wind up human existence.

“These signs at both the national and global level are scriptural. Jesus told us that towards the end of the world, His enemies will kill His followers thinking they are working for God. This is exactly what is going on as the Boko Haram sect thinks they are killing for Allah especially when they kill Christians. Jesus predicted these before He left the earth. Does Allah send people to kill their fellow humans? I am thankful to God for northern Christians who stand for their faith even in the face of losing their lives. If it were to be Southern Christians that are faced with similar situations many will deny their faith.

“I pray that what is happening in the North will not happen in the South because many Christians will go out of faith. What we see here in the South is more of commercial Christianity, they are not focused, they fill up the churches but can easily deny their faith.

“The Christianity here in the South is questionable. Take a gun and pretend to attack a church here in the south, tell them to denounce their faith or face the music. I tell you 50 percent will immediately denounce Christ. Again, it is the fulfillment of prophecies that we are witnessing with coronavirus (COVID-19). I advise Christians to take hygiene precautions.

“Moreover people should be closer to God and stop living in deceit. People should not wait to be told at this time to seek true salvation of their souls. Don’t belong to a church because of the size or popularity, have a personal relationship with Jesus, church or no church so that you will be able to withstand the terrible time that we are in.

“The Bible says perilous time shall come and we are right in it already, no doubt about that, it’s a global phenomenon. Let’s prepare ourselves every second, minute and day for the rapture. Many still do not believe in rapture but I tell you that the scripture cannot be broken, Jesus Christ is coming again to take His saints home. Jesus Christ said He is going to prepare a place for us, were it not so, He wouldn’t have said so.

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