Any Day My Husband Will Ask Me To Pay Half Of House Rent, I Will Pack My Bags – Lady

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A Lady Identified as Podier Eden on twitter has said that any day her Husband will ask her to pay half of their House Rent, she will pack her bags and go.

“The day my husband asks me to pay halves on rent is the day I pack my bags .

“I believe it’s a mans job to provide for his household financially. Plus the roles I’m gonna take on as a wife and mother ; physically , mentally and emotionally is going to level/most likely over weigh his financial burden . I will not be adding my money on top of that.

“Ideally yes I would like him to cover rent and bills but that leaves room for a lot of things that I can still contribute to .

“I’m a hard working prayerful person with a lot of faith . I believe I’m going to make something of myself and be able to provide solely for the lifestyle I desire and more . Therefore any man that God brings to me should be able to do more than what I can for myself period .

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