Niger Delta Student Union Government Press Release On The COVID-19

NIDSUG National president, Comr Dgreat Maaloo have commended the actions taken so far by various levels of government, expressed satisfaction with the increasing awareness of the Corona virus among the Niger Deltan and Nigerian at large.

DGreat Maaloo vehemently applauded the 9 Niger Delta governors for the steps they are taking in addressing the Corona virus pandemic in there various states. He commended the governors for the tactical steps taken in closure of schools and barring of social events.  Maaloo opined that those measures were aimed at saving lives because, according to him, “The fact of existence is that we must first of all be alive before we talk about other existential activities”.

DGreat Maalo also sympathised with all the victims of the Corona virus in the various Niger Delta region, Nigeria and worldwide. He greatly commended the quick action and quick responsiveness of the various stakeholders in fighting this deadly disease that have posed a threat to the human race.

He cordially advice that they should continue working with such tempo and synergy even when the Corona virus pandemic is over as such would foster development in other sphere of human needs such as in eliminating hunger, unemployment , corruption and provision of security, basic social amenities and welfare services to the citizens.

DGreat Maalo, however advice the Niger Delta students and other individuals to adhere to the various stipulated precautionary measures such as keeping good personal hygiene, isolation and staying indoor that would aid toward curtailing the spread of the deadly Corona virus in Nigeria and for them not being victim of it. He however, implore the Niger Delta students and her people’s not to panic as the virus would come to an end just like other epidemic that has affected the human race. He admonished everyone to remain steadfast in praying to God for the total elimination of the virus .

Signed Comr Dgreat Maaloo (GCAF) NIDSUG National President

Comr Amadi C. Godwin SA on Public Affairs to the national president

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