If Someone Isn’t There For You During Your Bad Times, They Don’t Deserve To Be There In Your Good Time

If someone wasn’t there for you during your bad times, they don’t deserve to be there for you in your good time.

In this life that we are living in, the best you can do for yourself is to celebrate with those who support you and distant yourself from miserable people who showed no concern during your low-moments.

Some people find it difficult to support you when you are struggling to make it in life.

Those people don’t deserve to be there for you in your good time because they are not genuinely happy for you.

They will celebrate your downfall when you go back down again. They are fake people.

It is only your hard time that you get to know your true lovers and friends.

The people who were there for you during your bad times are your true lovers and they deserve to be there for you during your good time.

Don’t make new friends when you become successful because most people will be in your life for their own benefits not because they genuinely love you.

Some people are ‘friends’ with you for as long as they benefit something from you – money, knowledge, support, childcare, advice, housing, status climbing support, etc. They are Leeches and parasites who are also interested in sucking your blood.

If you don’t support me during my struggling days, when I asked you for your support, you don’t have to be in my life when I become successful.

Avoid lazy and miserable people!

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