Stop Looking For Finished Product To Marry -Pastor David Oyedepo

says ‘focus on a man’s future and not his features’.
adds ‘Beware of Pride’.

Pride is a destroyer!

The Bible says God resists the Proud and gives more grace to the Humble. James 4:6.

If you are going to enjoy the marital destiny God has in store for you, then beware of pride, be cautious of pride. There are many people today who are not married because of pride, there is no candidate that is qualified for them.

Now let me say this it will help us:
Never focus on the features of a man, focus on the future of The Man. They say he is too short, he does not have money, he does not have a good job yet, his job is just somehow.

Do not focus on the features of a man, focus on the future of the Man. What you cannot see is the seed that he is carrying inside of him. He is carrying the seed of greatness inside of him, the seed of The Most High inside of him, the seed of vision inside of him. Shout Hallelujah!

It is very important to stop looking for finished product, this is what is destroying and keeping many.

Somebody comes to ask someone concerning marital relationship. She asked, first of all where did you get your first degree? He said, Higher National Diploma, then she said, just be going, don’t even look back. It is pride, that is destroying destiny. Pride!!!

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