Seduction With A Twist – How To Make A Woman Want To Seduce You

When most men think about seduction, they think about learning some new tricks and techniques to seduce a woman. What they almost never think of, is how to seduce a woman in a ways that actually makes her want to seduce you! Sounds like a good time, wouldn’t you say?

See, a woman is much better at seduction than a man is. You can debate it, you can question it, but that’s just the way it is. So, why try to persuade a woman to go to bed with you when you can flip it around and make her try to get you into her bed?

Now, that’s what I call “seduction with a twist”! What you have to do to make a woman want to seduce you!

Here’s a few tips and tricks that will turn seduction around and make you become the object of her desires and fantasies:

1. You have to make it a fun little game to her.

Don’t ask me why, but even adult women of just about any age love it when they get in a little game with a guy. You already know that women like to play hard to get, but have you ever done it right back to her? When you turn seduction into a fun little game for her, you can believe that she will have fun playing and chasing after you.

2. Use push and pull techniques to your benefit.

When I mention the idea of using push and pull to guys, I usually get looks like, man, what do you mean? Push and pull is a scientific or psychological way of saying that you got to ‘dance’ with a woman. What I mean is, you have to make a move on her and then pull away from it. What does this do? It drives her absolutely wild. It makes her wonder why you keep advancing and then pulling away. And it makes you become her little project or conquest.

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3. Put yourself on a pedestal.

What happens most of the time, probably about 95% or more, is the guy puts the woman up on a pedestal and tries so hard to win her approval. Why not put yourself on a pedestal in her eyes and make her have to win your approval? When you do this, not only do you stand out from all other men that go after her, you also automatically give yourself social value in her eyes, which can be like catnip to a woman and make her go crazy for you.

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