10 Reasons Why Intelligent People Have Fewer Friends

Families and friends are necessary for our individual journey through life. We need them for emotional support to pass through difficult times, we also need them to learn some valuable lessons and skills and to give us a sense of Wharf however it turns out that highly intelligent people have few friends even though we know how important it is to have them around us.

Why could it be because people feel intimidated by them and would rather stay away from them? or could it be because they choose to stay away from so many people so that you don’t get carried away again all the activities that do not concern education? well, we are about to find out.

In this post, we will be sharing with you 10 reasons why intelligent people have fewer friends.

1. Intelligent people enjoy being alone: According to a study by psychologist satoshi kanazawa of the London School of Economics that measure the happiness levels of 15000 people with various IQ levels, each subject happiness level was measured on two occasions when they were socializing with a group of friends and when they were completely alone. The results show that people with low to average intelligence levels reported greater self-happiness well in a group which means that the more friends they had the happier it made them however the exact opposite was true for people with very high intelligence levels.

They reported greater happiness when alone as a matter of fact those at the top end of the intelligence spectrum actually felt considerably less happy when spending time with friends which is why they don’t like having too many friends.

2. Intelligent people do not have as much need for social interaction as the average person; Intelligent people find it interesting to spend their time doing things they consider more important to them, things to feel a more productive and produces results at the end of the day and socializing is seen as a distraction that’s affecting their goal also intelligent people are known to be sceptical which is why they tend to be more selective with who they spend their time with.

3. Their thoughts and actions are mostly contrary to others; Intelligent people have strong mindsets and values and they think differently than others. Your mind isn’t limited so they always have something different to say which is why they would rather interact with few people.

4. Intelligent people talk less and listen more: Because they have a strong mindset, they take their time to observe what is going on around them or what people are saying and reacting to an incident and stay quiet and Lilo from incidents on social media. They hardly participated in anything or join any discussion they would rather listen and observe everyone there.

5. Intelligent people have visions for the future and he wants to work towards it; Intelligent people feel uncomfortable telling their dreams to small-minded people because they do not want setbacks or discouragement or any kind. They know what they want and where they are going to as a result they do not have time to engage in so-called fun activities when they have a list of goals to achieve. They do not expect anyone to understand it they believe when it is the right time for people to see what they’ve been up to then they will.

6. Intelligent people don’t like to get involved in drama; Maybe we all say this to ourselves however intelligent people more than others can’t stand getting involved in any drama their family is more important to them as a matter of fact which is why they will prefer to stay at home with their siblings watching a series.

7. They don’t have time for fake Hangouts; Going out is too much stress for Intelligent people especially when they try to keep up with everyone they don’t care about, the latest trends and I heard that they’re missing out on fun activities honestly they are just content with doing things on their own.

8. They are satisfied with the number of real friends they have they don’t want any more; Intelligent people feel that they have figured out who the real friends are so you don’t need new ones. They know people are truly concerned about them and people who are just curious as a result they do not make friends easily except they meet with someone who thinks just like them and someone who isn’t interested in using them to get something.

9. Intelligent people don’t try to prove their worth to anyone;

Intelligent people do not feel the need to be accepted by anyone they are strong and independent they don’t need Instagram likes or Twitter retweets to feel good about themselves, they are happy as they are which is what matters to them the most.

10. People see them as proud because they keep to themselves; People often judge intelligent people as been proud because they do enjoy spending time alone and also because they find it easy to air their opinions even when it contradicts others. very few people take them seriously and these are the people they make out time for because they know their value and wealth they do not bother impressing anyone which is why they are often seen as threats and marked as proud.


If this is how highly intelligent people feel then it’s no surprise that they don’t hang out with many people, they are totally satisfied in their own small world which is why they only need a few people to be in that circle so if you find yourself with some of the above qualities in you do not bother to be like everyone because you’re good being you.

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