What The Shape Of Your Fingers Say About You


Characteristics of personality are special, and God has blessed each person with good and bad characteristics. The body is a symbol of who we are internally and where the word ‘ body language’ comes into play. The shape and posture of a body can sometimes show a lot about a person. It has been found recently that a person’s finger shape can indicate certain characteristics. There are three main categories, each falling into one of them.

You can form three groups by looking at the upper flexion crease on the ring finger and the height of the pinky. Type A is when it’s at the same point. Type B is the bigger pinky and Type C is the smaller pinky.

Type A

Individuals who come under category A are reserved and do not like to share their feelings. It appears to present itself as greater than it really is. They’re emotional and they just feel connected to someone they love. Dishonesty, misinformation, and hypocrisy despise these people. They seem calm and strong, but can often be emotionally vulnerable. We are not very compassionate, and they can turn out to be selfish and eccentric. They’ve got a big heart and they like to support people.

Type A people complete any mission they are assigned regardless of whether or not they like it. We enjoy a good laugh and they’ll be entertained as long as it’s entertaining.

Type B

Individuals of type B never approach others on their own. We are faithful, dedicated, and the person we love will be given full attention. They are sensitive souls deep inside, but they seem hard and cold on the ground. That’s why people tend to think of type B people wrongly. When they set their minds to it, these people are dedicated and finish a mission. They’re afraid of getting hurt and that sometimes makes them uncomfortable even if they’re going to look cool.

They can demonstrate how they don’t need anyone, but they always dream to find their soulmate on the inside. Because of this, they can actually get injured, but on the ground, they will never show it.

Type C

Those with Type C are those who don’t hold to past grudges. We easily forget things that make them angry. We hate foreign environments and it upsets them to face things they don’t know about and cope with. We respect the opinions of other people, but because of their pride, we may sometimes seem bossy. That’s not to suggest they have a big ego, but when they disagree with someone, it hits extreme levels. They’re always the first to apologize, though.

Also reserved are people who fall into this category and do not easily share their feelings. We are honest and like to deal with their own problems. We want people to have faith in them and depend on them.

What they want in life is clear to these people. They have resolved their priorities and can easily distinguish between the good and the bad.

Source: Jesusdaily

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