She Left Me For A Medical Doctor And Now Wants A Second Chance

She kept lying about this guy who happened to be a medical doctor, I am unemployed but sell phone accessories and do mini importation on the side but doing my Masters.

It happened that one time she told me she was to travel to Asaba to meet her family members, on hearing this I was happy and looked forward to talking to them.

After spending the night at my place I put her in a bus to Asaba, she didn’t pick my calls till the next day.

The next day she posted an outing pic of herself in an eatery I didn’t see it as anything but it’s the next one that broke me.

A guy took a picture of her with her phone while backing a glass door so I could take that he wore a blue shirt I called that day and when I asked playfully to talk to the family members she asked me “what kind of talk is that ?”

Not long from then I got tagged in a picture on her wall on Facebook, low and behold it was a selfie of her and the Medical doctor in blue shirt and the caption “I love you forever, my personal person” someone she said I shouldn’t worry about but he is asking her out, that she knew months before meeting me. She was supposed to be away for 2 days and ended up coming back after a week.

On seeing this I called to demand for an explanation if they were related, she sighed cut the phone on me and didn’t pick my calls ever again.

She left me for a Medical Doctor!!

One month later now she calls me out of the blue to ask for 2k to buy foodstuffs. Which I gave without saying a word.

Fast forward to today I got a job with the government and relocated to Abuja.

She called me later shedding crocodile tears and begging for me back.


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