They Won’t Know Your Value Until They Lose You

In life, the availability and presence of something everywhere lowers its value and makes it cheap. This makes it easy for people to play with it, use it as careless as they please and even waste it. Lets take PMS( petrol) for example, people only realise how important it is when there is scarcity of it. They queue up, fight, curse at the government and beg to get it. When they eventually do, they use it wisely and judiciously. This is the same liquid they run their generating sets with till dawn when it was available.

In relationships however, you have no choice but to make yourself available, since you need to be physically present to show them you love and care for them. Besides, Love grows well with physical presence. As you play, laugh, cry, talk, build intimacy and spend quality time together, the bond gets stronger and the affection thicker.

The problem comes when one partner begins to underappreciate the presence of the other in their life. You have made yourself available, put in your whole heart to the growth of the relationship. You have loved, worked, sacrificed, provided, fended for, tended to, cooked, cleaned, washed, spent money, even quarrelled and waded off friends and family all because of them and still your good is not enough! They don’t seem to see what you are doing for them, infact any person could have easily done so. They rarely thank you for your sacrifices and instead deny or belittle the ones you have done in the past. Its time to make your self scarce like petrol in their life!

Put the whole relationship on suspension, separate yourself from them, let them miss and yearn for you for a while and even as long as possible. They are taking you for granted because they think you are too cheap and weak to walk away. Let them find another person to do all the things you do for them, tolerate their rubbish and still not be appreciated, that is when they will realise that they have made a big mistake, that they had gold in their hands and failed to recognise it.

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People do not know the value of what they have until they loose it or it feels as if they have lost it. It will be hard for you, you love them so much but for your self worth and dignity, take that walk and give them time alone as long as possible. If possible give them a little of the treatment they gave you before walking.

If they realise their mistakes on time and come to ask for your forgiveness genuinely, accept and give your favourable terms before going back. If they are too blind to realise your worth in their life, you were probably worth nothing to them all these while, good you left. Start afresh and build your life again this time making sure you correct the mistakes you did in the previous one.

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