A Little Jealousy Is Good In A Relationship

Jealousy in relationships and love is that feeling of rivalry, insecurity and urge for protection one feels when they care for or appreciate someone. It is that feeling that finally confirms it to you that you actually like that person you have been lying to yourself that you do not like. It can sometimes manifest in anger, envy and worry or other overzealous behaviours. Which ever way it chooses to manifest, when you see someone you are crushing on with another and feel any of the above mentioned, you are actually jealous!

Jealousy is very healthy in relationships. The right amount of it leaves you always wanting to protect what belongs to you. It also helps your partner know that you care so much for them and can fight to protect what you both share. It is a way partners gets reassured that they are still needed around. Besides, doesn’t it feel good to know that someone is afraid to loose you? A little jealousy here and there, every now and then adds the required spice to love and reaffirms the mutual feelings between partners.

However, jealousy taken too far can become annoying, overbearing and therefore a huge turn off. When partners are quick to temper for every little thing and over protective to the extent they won’t even allow a little private space, then jealousy becomes unhealthy and toxic. You should try to discuss their excesses with them, draw the line and trash their insecurities out. However, if you have done this and they seem not to be changing and even reverting to violence, you should run! Yes, leave that relationship before you become an object of obsession, which is very dangerous.

As far as jealousy remains under control, you need not get mad over a jealous partner. All you should do is draw closer to them, kiss them in the forehead or anywhere actually, hug them tightly. Tell them how much you love and respect them and reassure them you are for them and them alone and you will always be there for them. This should be enough to quench any insecure feelings. Where there is love, there is jealousy. If someone claims to love you and you don’t see jealousy from time to time, you are in the wrong love. Jealousy is good and a little of it makes love even sweeter.

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