South African Man Kills And Buries 5 Facebook Girlfriends After Sex

Mpumalanga police have dug up the bodies of five women, after a man allegedly confessed to killing his first victim after meeting her on Facebook, Colonel Mtsholi Mbembe said on Sunday.

The horrific discoveries were made during a police investigation into the disappearance of one woman, which led them to the man’s home about two weeks ago.

“When police went to his place, he ran away, but his mother took him to the police station,” Mbembe said.

“That was when he confessed to the first body,” said Mbembe.

The man allegedly told the police that he had met the woman on Facebook and that they had sex.

He claimed that afterwards the woman had wanted money and threatened to tell the police that he had raped her if she did not pay up.

In response, he punched her and she fell down, hit her head, and died.

He said he had then removed her clothes and buried her.

The police exhumed her body, but then the man allegedly told the investigating officer that there were four more bodies.

Between Friday and Sunday, police have been digging up and searching his property and, to their shock, found the bodies.

‘It is terrible’

Mbembe said, between Friday evening and Saturday morning, police found one more body buried in his yard.

And then, on Sunday, three more bodies were found.

Two were buried side by side in the floor of a partially built bathroom in the house.

A third body was exhumed in the yard, also on Sunday.

“We found three bodies, all three bodies that we were looking for today [Sunday], we found them,” said Mbembe.

“It is terrible.”

The ages of the victims are estimated to be between 16 and 24.

Mbembe said the investigating officer was told that, after the first woman, who the alleged killer met on Facebook, he met the other women in nightclubs and bars.

He claimed that each time they had sex, the women asked for money and so he would punch them until they died.

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