6 Things Every Young Guy Worries About: No 3 Will Shock You

Men always have a lot on their minds, especially when it comes to thinking about the future. It’s possible that men do twice the amount of thinking women do, and that is as a result of the pressure the society puts on the male species to succeed at all costs.

That’s why emotions like anxiety, nervousness, and worries make many young men have grey hair earlier than expected. Little wonder why more men commit suicide than women.

“While it can be difficult—or impossible—to tame all your anxieties, too much worrying tends to be unhealthy and unhelpful”, says Michelle Newman.

When you’re too busy fretting over making the wrong move—or about all the bad stuff that might happen in the future—you miss out on making life decisions, she says.

It’s time to stop stressing and worrying yourself, especially over the six things listed below.

Don’t worry if you’re in your late 20’s and still sliding in people’s DMs. Enjoy the thrill of the search and savour your single years.
“Your options open up exponentially in your 30s and 40s,” says marriage and relationship expert Paul Hokemeyer.

“At this age, your career, emotions, and even hormones are perfectly calibrated to find a mate who’s best suited to you for the long haul.”
Remember, there are about 4 billion women out there, compared to 3 billion men. So guys, chill and read Isaiah 4:1

Judging by the laws of thinking, “thinking and worrying about dying young only brings death closer to you” so why not live a healthy lifestyle instead?

Be fit and do right by your body. Read nutrition and lifestyle articles from Sapid Sapiens, apply it, and you’ll start living right instead of worrying about dying.

A lot of men are very insecure about the size of their penis. “Size doesn’t matter, it’s all about skill.” And most women don’t even care about penis size, as long as your bedroom skills are adequate enough to satisfy them.

Plus there are a lot of things you can do to spice things up in the bedroom. It’s all about pleasing your partner while enjoying yourself, after all.

Studies have shown that guys who stress about losing their jobs usually feel more depressed, less healthy, and end up losing their jobs compared to the guys who have actually been laid off.
Worrying does no good in this life, bro! Just take your time, work hard, and stay focused

But if you think there’s a pretty good chance you are going to get axed, then update your resume and send it to as many companies as possible. Check job listings (Jobberman, etc), connect with friends, or just start that idea you’ve been thinking and saving up for… who knows, it may just be the next billion-dollar idea.

“Money can’t buy happiness” sounds naïve. Yes, it does. However, instead of worrying about your present income, look for ways to make money on the side. Having another source of income is just as important to keep up with the daily needs of your life. (Even Zuckerberg bought Instagram and WhatsApp even though he already owns Facebook).

Also, what really matters is having time to do stuff you enjoy. Most of us sacrifice our spare time in favour of grinding toward a fatter paycheck.

No guy is ever ready to be a father. No matter how happy the dad-to-be seems, once the reality of fatherhood hits him, his spirit tries heading for the hills.

Remember, your parents didn’t know what they were doing either, and you turned out alright,” says Armin Brott, author of The New Father and founder of MrDad.com.
“Kids are remarkably resilient,” he adds. “It’s unlikely you’re going to do anything to hurt them.”

So remember, take a chill pill, be easy and always remember.

Source: Vibe.ng

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