“In their warped thinking, the performance rate of security chiefs during times like this is determined on how much weight the Inspector General of Police has lost,” he said.

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“The question to ask is: how would the APC have reproved a president who makes such careless remarks on national security at a time when insecurity in the country has assumed epidemic proportions?

“President Buhari and the APC have shown without equivocation that the job at hand is overwhelming for them. And because they lack the basic clue of how to tame the bogey that they have created, they now scamper around like school kids who have caused an upset in a highly sensitive science laboratory.”

He added that all Nigerians want is a president who can hold the bull at the horn and get the job done because the president took an oath to defend the lives and property of the citizens, which is the primary responsibility of every government.

Source: Thecable