There’s Great Confidence When You Are With Someone You Have Had Sex With – Nollywood Actress Inem Peter

Curvy and sexy, Nollywood actress, Inem Peter doesn’t have to do much to attract attention, her sumptuous laps and provocative hips which have become epical features on Instagram are definitely a cinch to make her an object of adulation without having to say a word.

So, when this Computer Science graduate of Houdegbe North America University speaks, it is not for attention. She’s got that in surplus supply.[irp]

While chatting with Potpourri recently, the girl who had a cameo appearance in Wale Adenuga’s Papa Ajasco in her yore years bared her mind on a lot of issues, including marriage, sex and relationships without pulling her punches.

“The sex, relationship and marriage question is not clear. But if it means the importance of sex in relationship or marriage then here we go: sex is important in relationships as well as in marriage because it brings about intimacy, bonding and confidence. It brings you closer to your partner. There is this confidence you have whenever you are around someone you have had sex with even if that person is just a friend,” she said.[irp]

Speaking about her self, being sexy and what she considers as her sexiest physical feature, Inem Peter, born Joy Peter Uboh simply laid it on the line.

“Being sexy means a lot to me because it makes me feel like the world revolves around me. If you have it you flaunt it. I can’t live my life like every other person out there on the street. I can’t really point out one selling point, they are many; maybe my face, maybe my hot laps and legs, maybe my curves, the truth is my whole body is my selling point and sometimes I get movie roles because of it. Aside that the way I interpret every given character in a movie is what keeps me going in the industry,” she said.[irp posts=”317″ name=”Photo Contest 0.1 Terms And Condition”]

Inem Peter has produced many films of her own. She has produced movies like Lying Game, 5 Wives, Last Date etc and featured in Vanity, The Village Lord, Rarebond, Broken Walls, Neighbour’s Wife, Birthright, If Loving You Is Wrong, Wreckers, Timeless Love, Blind, Potiphar, Cooperate Maidens, Sisters At War, Bed Of Distrust, My Darkest Dream and many more.


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